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The journeys within, that travel
to the very Essence of India


It's hard to be definite in India. Mythology often takes over socially evolving phenomenon and at some point both of them meet. The idea of Holi is idea of India itself. A beautiful case of various colourful identities merged into one; nothing superimposed.

The feeling of being as equal and as one, two identities and two together, is that of completeness and that of momentary liberation from desires. Krishna's raasleela(s) has divinity as well as common folk like approachability. That he is attainable makes the enactment of his divine playfulness all the more spontaneous. Holi is the celebration of that spontaneity.

We owe our joys to the Holi and our Holi to the divine playfulness of Krishna. The Ragas (our music, resonances), Rang (colors, involvement) and Rasa (subliminal pleasures, nectar) are the outcomes. There may be thousand ways to celebrate Holi in India but Holi has only one colour and that is the colour of inclusive spirit.

The idea of Rang permeates beliefs and religions in India. A famous Sufi saint sang

I adore you so much oh Rangrezz (dyer, coloring-man; here, he is the Almighty) that you have Coloured me like yourself since I had fallen in love with you.

India encompasses all these celebrations of life in Holi each time. Artists, poets, musicians and people from all walks of life will never get exhausted of paying tributes to this phenomenon in their own ways. Only the learned will decipher if it's a festival. We call it Holi.



The journeys within, that travel
to the very Essence of India


The feeling of being as equal and as one, two identities and two together, is that of completeness and that of momentary liberation from desires.

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Mukund Haveli

It's here that we celebrate the 3 days of Diwali Festival

Top Tour Pick
Begins 11 Oct. 2016, 14 days
Special features
Private Diwali events
Pushkar Fair
Golden Temple

This is not just a trip. It's a life in India. We invite you to join India in its most celebrated form. The air speaks festivities. It is in this atmosphere that you'll live moments of true beautiful life in India- some private and some in community. Enjoy every moment of Diwali Festival- the prequel, the preparations, the involvement, the spiritual side, the celebrations, the bonds and the feasts.

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We invite travelers to explore the rich cultural and natural diversity of India.
Write to us for insights, destinations and tailor made tours.
Forthcoming events, festivals, fairs and spectacles
The festivals of monsoon
The spectacle

Monsoon is the period of great rejoice in India. It signifies prosperity, growth, bloom, youthfulness, romance and happiness. India's poetry, music and literature do full justice to this extraordinary season of seasons. Many celebrations sort of overlap each other in monsoon. All over India, many festivals happen. Teej in Rajasthan is particularly colorful. Janmashthami, Lord Krishna's birthday, is a special fanfare everywhere. Another great festival is Rakhshabandhan signifying special bond between brothers and sisters.

The Legend

It's also time when Shiva Lingums are ritually bathed. Jain monks halt their wanderings to give sermons. Snakes are worshipped. People change their food habits. Married daughters visit their parents and swings are put under big trees. In India's classical music traditions, it's time for recitals based on celebrating rains and Krishna's legends. There are specific ragas like Malhar that delve in expressions related to monsoon. Some of India's most sensually expressive ancient literature like those written by Kalidasa have 'monsoon' befitting a leading character.

Vital Facts

When: June till September

Where: Everywhere in India

Quick updates


The onset of Monsoon on Indian mainland is expected to be in the first week of June this year. Predicted to be abundant, this will bring end to the two weak monsoon years. Great spectacles and celebrations are in store.

E.Visa extended to Japanese tourists.

Tourists who hold Japanese passports may also now avail facility for travel to India in which after following a mandatory process online the authorization of 'visa on arrival' may get issued. scheme since its launch has helped travelers from many countries plan quick trips to India.

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Our tours

We do not believe in making you hop to different destinations on a tight time schedules. Our tours have flexibility. The tour building process is interactive. What to see, what to eat, whom to speak to and what to buy can, at best, be suggestions, NOT compulsions. We encourage our guests to often be on their own and interact with local cultures. While there are countless ideas on which we may custom-build your India tour, here are a few tours which display some very exciting possibilities.

South India - Larger than life
22 days, Temples - Culture - Food - Landscapes

Relish cultures that are so uniquely distinct and proudly preserved.
Watch live arts, cooking and textile weaving.


This is a comprehensive tour of South India; a part of India exceptionally rich in its own distinct culture, architecture and arts.

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His Majesty- Himalayas
14 Days , Landscapes - Views - Tranquility - Adventure

Most beautiful Himalayan locations with charming hotels
breathtaking scenery and cultural insights.


The sheer height and spread of Himalayas makes it the crown of India. Out of innumerable beautiful Himalayan destinations, a few have been included in this trip. The experience to be in the lap of Himalayas is both adventurous and divine.

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Discovery of India
13 Days, History - Art - People

A 'must visit' trip for first timers to India
Great combination of historical and spiritual insights.


The layer upon layer of social understanding and reasoning which Indians themselves may not be aware of, but which is there somewhere in their conscience, can be best unfolded and understood by visiting some of the greatest cultural centers of India.

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Jungle Book and the tigers
16 days, Safaris - Adventure - Wildlife - Fun

Exciting Tiger sighting possibilities in open top jeep safaris.
Know more on Indian jungle life and wilderness through our expert guides.


The story of India's jungles and India's culture always has remained intertwined. It's time to get involved with Indian jungles and time to write a Jungle Book of your own!

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Kerala, a spicy affair
14 Days, Greenery - Food - Spa - Leisure

Hugely relaxing private tour with scope to indulge in wellness therapies
Sail on backwater and stay in Houseboat


This trip covers the diversity of landscape, culture and people of Kerala - God's own land. A laid back atmosphere all through the way giving almost everything Kerala has in offer.

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Rajasthan - A Rich Legacy
12 Days, Culture - Heritage - Art - Architectures

Uniquely planned sightseeing of majestic forts, Palaces and colourful towns.
Stay in charming old hotels seemingly straight out of fantasies.


Here in Rajasthan the symbols of the rich past are not just today's monuments; they are still a part of life. Nor are any customs and traditions things of past. This journey shows how its people have been able to preserve their unique identities.

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The great Indian Bazaars
28 Days, Craft - Lifestyle - Diversity - People

Explore amazing crafts and arts practised only in India.
Uniquely designed schedules allowing time spent to interact and browse.


Apart from providing an insight into some of the most beautiful cities and towns of India, this tour also tries to convince you why they are a shopper's delight.

Full Itinerary
Discover India's East
17 Days, Off beat travel - Trains - Himalayas - Culture

Get involved with some .......
Enjoy the slow pace of everything that the unique cultures of East
India offer.


With tea tourism in its finest art form, breathtaking Himalayas scenery & coexisting societies and elephant rides through grasslands; there is much more in India's East.

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India in a week
7 Days, Monuments - Food - Entertainment

See the quintessential India in shortest possible time
Meet interesting people and join heritage walks.


This combination of three enchanting destinations displays the richness of India's history, heritage and culture very beautifully in shortest time possible.

Full Itinerary
Close Cousins - India and Nepal
22 Days, Culture - Landscapes - Diversity

Get introduced to philosophies, history, ages old practices, warm hospitalities and customs.
Knowledge based interpretation and helpful assistance


Where else would one find ancient and modern, art and architecture, forts and palaces, spiritualism and adventure, mountains and seaside, shopping and leisure, nature with wildlife; all packaged in the same tour!

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Fixed Departures
Color me India
28 days, Holi - Colors - Fun - Spiritual

Visit several destinations known for unique Holi celebration.
Colors, drenching, aromas & feasting -everything included.


The most colorful spring festival of world is celebrated in India. It is Holi celebration in thousand ways- each one has color, participation and subtle spiritual undercurrent. Be part of this phenomenon.

Detailed information
Haveli Diwali tour
14 Days, Spiritual - Food - Festivals - Luxury

Private Diwali events, Pushkar Fair & Golden Temple
Unique time in India for festivals, friendliness & feasting


It is a tour of culture luxury & splurge. There is, literally, something fascinating happening in every moment. Every detail stands thoroughly worked out in this tour of great sightseeing, celebration and participations.

Detailed information
Exotic Glimpses of India
14 days, Off beat travel - Unique location - Participations

As both a guest and volunteer, together with our highly experienced staff, relish the unique opportunity to meet people in their daily lives and make a positive difference.


This tour attempts to go sincerely extra-mile where we actually work with the local communities in Rajasthan to help understand the legends behind their existence.

Detailed information
Travel ideas
Breathtaking Bhutan
Tranquility- Himalayas - Buddhism - Hidden Culture

Amazing landscapes and Himalayan ecology.
Beautyful culture, smiles and generosities.


Forever in peace and meditatives calm-pose. To a visitor, while happiness might not be a guaranteed offering but a sure 'disconnect' with the outside world only to be able to 'connect' within is certainly possible.

Full Itinerary
Kashmir and Ladakh tour
Hidden culture - Landscapes - Food - Adventure

Two landscape & cultures, adjacent get strikingly contrasting
Both are huge canvases for photography.


Kashmir means abundance by nature and mild mannerisms in people's daily life, Ladakh, on the other hand seems beyond the known world.

Detailed information