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This was a long trip and there were plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong. They didn't, due to the attentive staff of Indian Moments. Thanks a lot for a memorable trip and we would not hesitate to recommend Indian Moments to others.

W.G. Freer (Oct. 13th to Nov. 7th 2014)

No problem or complaints! It has been a wonderful vacation ' and one that we will talk about and remember for a long time! Pankaj and Neeraj - It was a wonderful highlight to meet you in person and to enjoy such a wonderful stay at Mukund Haveli! We truly wish you and your families and Indian Moments all the best! May you have continued success!

J.& C. Bartsch, USA September 13th to October 1st 2013

The trip was excellent. The shining jewel of the trip: The warm personalities of YOU (Neeraj, Dhiraj, Pankaj, Manoj, Vijayant, Nandu) of Indian Moments.

R. Brockmann and Jackie, USAOct. 21st 2014 to Nov. 13th 2014

Everything worked like clockwork. We would like to thank Indian Moments (and Neeraj in particular) for providing us with an excellent trip with varied and comprehensive sightseeing as well as time to relax and to shop. As you know, I am very particular and fussy so the greatest compliment I can give Indian Moments is that I would recommend the Company to friends and family. Hope that you can live up to your reputation now with our two trips in 2013!

G. Kinghorn, Scotland, UK Mar. 7th to Apr. 11th 2012

Indian Moments. What can we say. We love you! Perfect in every way. Excellent service, lots of fun, and amazing patience. Dhanyawaad!!

S. T., Australia (Nov. 3rd to 13th 2014)

Our trip was enjoyable from start to finish. We were never left stranded, we were always met and looked after. We would certainly recommend Indian Moments to our friends.

V. Gayford, Australia
Feb. 28th to Mar. 25th 2014