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It's hard to be definite in India. Mythology often takes over socially evolving phenomenon and at some point both of them meet. The idea of Holi is idea of India itself. A beautiful case of various colourful identities merged into one; nothing superimposed. the feeling of being as equal and as one, two identities and two together, is that of completeness and that of momentary liberation from desires. Krishna's raasleela(s) has divinity as well as common folk like approachability. That he is attainable makes the enactment of his divine playfulness all the more spontaneous. Holi is the celebration of that spontaneity. We owe our joys to the Holi and our Holi to the divine playfulness of Krishna. The Ragas (our music, resonances),Rang (colors, involvement) and Rasa (subliminal pleasures, nectar) are the outcomes. There may be thousand ways to celebrate Holi in India but Holi has only one colour and that is the colour of inclusive spirit.

The idea of Rang permeates beliefs
and religions in India. A famous Sufi
saint sang

I adore you so much oh Rangrezz (dyer, coloring-man; here, he is the Almighty)That you have Coloured me like yourself since I had fallen in love with you.

India encompasses all these celebrations of life in Holi each time. Artists, poets, musicians and people from all walks of life will never get exhausted of paying tributes to this phenomenon in their own ways. Only the learned will decipher if it's a festival. We call it Holi.