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In this tour we take you to some places in India which will be color drenched beyond belief, you will find your time spent in India as the one filled with fun, food and festivities. Discover India at its colorful best with a unique itinerary aptly named as 'Color me India'.

The tour revolves around three distinct stopovers that are hugely contrasting in nature.


The popular picture postcard imaginations of vivid colors in air, intensely joyful expressions and timelessness of a cultural heritage all come true here. We employ here our expertise and local knowledge to help our guests comfortably wade through festive crowd, impromptu visual dramas and color soaked streets.

Mukundgarh in Shekhawati-

The palatial Haveli in the midst of colorful old towns is the place of private Holi events of lavish feasts, cocktails, dance parties, play of colors and musical nightly outings to local Holi groups known as gindars. Unique to the region, gindars involve communal gathering of drum beating dancers, flutists and folk singers.

Hola Mohalla-

A never seen before Punjabi cultural spectacle unfolds here. Countless communal kitchens, rural sports, equestrian shows, acrobatics, processions and giant (really giant!) turbans are all part of this 'show of shows' on rural India.

The tour will begin on Day 01

when each participant will be individually received at New Delhi's airport, transferred to the hotel and allowed rest of the time to relax. A 5 hours long road trip the next day will take you to Mukundgarh for 3 nights (Day 02, 03, 04) stay in the stylish 150 years old private haveli of Indian Moments. Interesting conversations on topics ranging from ancient to modern India its History, Geography, Food, Culture, lifestyle, people and travel accompanied by delicious home cooked vegetarian food are all part of this unique experience. You may visit one or two of the neighboring villages to see some beautiful frescoed havelies. Take a walk in the village or take a ride on a tuk-tuk and visit families engaged in tie and dye work. You will also have interactive cooking session on traditional Indian food from the Hosts on one of the days. You will celebrate the first event of Holi here with eco-friendly colors, traditional music, dance, food and drinks. The next couple of days will be spent in the city of Jaipur (Day 05, 06) where the high point will be the morning heritage walk of old city to sense it's spiritual energy. The pre-Holi festivities in the main temple of Govind Devji are mesmerizing. The city also witnesses staging of many performing arts during this time. A few walks and formal guided sightseeing tours will make your Jaipur experience complete.

The tour then moves to Brijbhoomi (fabled places associated with Lord Krishna's birth, childhood and his celebrated legends) for 3 days (Day 07, 08 and 09). These days will bring out a perfect Indian connect of spiritualism with playful antics, devotion and exoticism. You will witness and even be part of the spectacular 'Lathmar Holi'. A grand spectacle akin to mythological era descriptions of communal playing with colors and sweetmeats ! Fun filled two days every year are open for anyone to see and participate. It is among the rarest living heritages connected to the actual episodes in the story of the most playful Hindu legend- Lord Krishna. The experience will be made complete by visits to the Taj Mahal, a few Mughal era monuments and water palaces of Deeg before reaching back to New Delhi on Day 10 for overnight stay. A day train ride next morning will take you to the city of Amritsar. You'll visit the Golden Temple Complex for atleast a couple of times. The most special time is the night ceremony when as part of daily rituals the Sikh Holy book ( Guru Granth Sahib) is carried overhead to the nearby holy building. Watch and even be part of the various community services that forever happens in the temple; like the massive community kitchen, cooking, feeding, cleaning and washing. You'll also experience other Amritsari highlights like the 'beating the retreat ceremony at Indo-Pak border', the busy bazaars and legendary Punjabi food.

The last 2 days(Day 11, 12) in Punjab will be in Anandpur Sahib where you will enjoy the Hola Mohalla festival It is Punjab’s biggest festival coinciding with the festival of Holi. Several important Sikh shrines are located here in Anandpur Sahib- a beautiful holy town second only to Amritsar in importance to Sikhs.

Initiated by the last Sikh Guru ‘Gobind Singhji’ this festival is marked by display of discipline, celebrations and Sikh pride. With Gurudwara Keshgarh Sahib in the background the festival bears a tone rich with striking colors when processions, martial arts displays, equestrian adventures, weaponry show and rural sports all happen together. On Day 13 you will get transferred back to New Delhi for having a free day in the city of many possibilities. The tour will end on Day 14 with transfer to the airport.

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